Deadline extended!!【Japanese Speech Contest Comm】Japanese Speech Contest 2022

30 Mar 2022


Deadline for Tertiary category extended till 19 June

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ーJapanese Speech Contest Commー

The Japanese Speech Contest is divided into 4 categories: Secondary School, Junior College, Tertiary and Open category. 5 finalists from each category will present their speeches in Japanese on various interesting topics from the viewpoint of a Japanese language learner. The event is being held with audience and also will be aired to the registered audience via zoom.


Date & Time 17 July (Sun) 9:30 ~

Venue JAS Auditorium

The contest will be available to watch live online, please apply to the webinar link.

Webinar link application  (The link will be available mid-June)

Enquiry jsc@jas.org.sg


Organised by

・Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan in Singapore

・Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Singapore

・The Japanese Association, Singapore

・The Japanese Cultural Society, Singapore

・The Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore


Supported by

・Japanese Language Teachers’ Association in Singapore

・Ministry of Education Language Centre

・National University of Singapore, Centre for Language Studies

・The Japanese School, Singapore


Sponsored by

・All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd
Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
・Hokkaido-Singapore Friendship Association
・International Christian University (ICU)
 国際基督教大学 (ICU)
・Isetan (Singapore) Ltd
・Japan Airlines Co., Ltd
・Japan National Tourism Organization
 日本政府観光局 (JNTO)
・Meidi-Ya Singapore Co (Pte) Ltd
・Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd
・Pasona Singapore Pte Ltd
・Tuttle Publishing
・Yusen Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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Application Guidelines

How to Apply

1.Write an original script in Japanese for speech on a topic of your choice*
   • Secondary Category: 4-minute speech
   • Junior College, Tertiary, Open Categories: 5-minute speech

2.Go to: form.jotform.com/jasjsc/2022

3. Fill in the online application form and submit your speech script
   • Name your script file "Category_Name" (e.g. "Secondary_Elaine Lee")
   • Your script must be in Word or PDF format during submission
   • Those below 18 years old are required to upload signed permission by a parent or guardian. Download the form here
   • All participants are required to submit a consent form for online streaming. Download the form here.
   • By application for the Japanese Speech Contest 2022, you agree to the collection, use, edit and disclosure of photos and videos recordings for public relations and Japanese cultural awareness on social media, websites and “The Southern Cross” newsletter (Non-profit activities) by the Organizing Committee.
     The personal data collected for Japanese Speech Contest 2022, shall not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.

*Please see our judging criteria for a list of topics to avoid.
*In the event that a speech shortlisted for the Final Round includes content of a sensitive nature, the Speech Contest Committee reserves the right to request the finalist to make necessary amendments to their speech.
*You cannot submit a script that had been presented in public before. Speech content that violate this may be disqualified.

Application Deadline: 12 June 2022 (Sun)

• Late applications will not be accepted.
• Only applications submitted via the online form above will be accepted.
• The Committee reserves the right to reject any applicants found to have not met the eligibility and application requirements.

Important Dates

12 June 2022(Sun) Application Deadline (Submission of Script) ➡ Deadline for Tertiary category extended till 19 June

17 June 2022(Fri) Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email

26 June 2022(Sun) Deadline for submission of audio recording for shortlisted applicants

1 July 2022(Fri) Finalists will be notified via email

9 July 2022(Sat) Rehearsal and briefing for finalists

17 July 2022 9:30AM (Sun) Finalists will present their speeches live at the Finals at The Japanese Association, Singapore
(The contest will be aired to the registered audience via zoom)


Eligibility & Requirements

1.Both of the applicant’s parents must not be native Japanese.
2.The applicant’s first language or mother tongue must not be Japanese.
3.The applicant must be a Singapore Citizen, Singapore PR or student pass holder in Singapore.
4.The applicant must not have stayed in Japan for an extended period of time (excluding stay in Japan before primary school):
  • Secondary, Junior College, Tertiary Categories: not more than 12 months
  • Open category: not more than 36 months
5.Those who have previously won first place in any category in this contest are not eligible to enter the contest in the same category.
6. Applicants under the age of 18 must obtain their parent or guardian’s signed consent.


Contest Format

The contest has 4 categories:
• Secondary School
• Junior College
• Tertiary School (Polytechnic and University students)
• Open (non-students who do not fit in any of the other categories)

*Please apply according to your status as of the date of the Finals. If you will not be a student on the day of the Finals, please apply for the Open Category.

There are three phases to the contest: Preliminary, Semi-finals and Finals.


The applicant will have to write and submit an original speech script on a topic of his or her choice by the stipulated deadline. The script should be about equivalent to a 4-minute (for Secondary School Category) or 5-minute speech (all other Categories). The speech cannot be one that has been presented in public before. Speech content that violate this will be disqualified.

In the event that a speech shortlisted for the Final Round includes content of a sensitive nature, the Speech Contest Committee reserves the right to request the finalist to make necessary amendments to their speech.

From the preliminary round, the contest judges will select a maximum of 20 semi-finalists from each category. Semi-finalists will be notified through email.


All semi-finalists are required to submit a recorded speech by the stipulated deadline. Common digital audio file formats such as mp3, wma, m4a are accepted.

5 finalists from each category will be selected to enter the Finals. Finalists will be notified through email.


Finalists will present their speech at the Finals held at the Auditorium of the Japanese Association, Singapore.

The Finals of the Japanese Speech Contest is open to the general public.


Free tuition by our volunteer tutors are offered to finalists of all categories (subject to availability).

Participants who wish to receive tuition must indicate their request for a tutor during applicant. All requests are subject to tutor availability.

Finalists who have requested for a tutor will be informed of their tutor’s details during the notification to finalists.



*Prizes mentioned below may be subject to change.

All finalists will receive a certificate for their achievement.
The winner of each category will also receive a trophy.

Secondary Category

Finalists from the Secondary Category will compete for the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry President’s Cup.

The winner stands to win attractive prizes. Previous year’s prizes include a digital camera and vouchers.

Junior College Category

Finalists from the Junior College Category will compete for The Japanese Association, Singapore President’s Cup.

Tertiary Category

Finalists from the Tertiary Category will compete for the Japanese Cultural Society President’s Cup.

Open Category

Finalists from the Tertiary Category will compete for The Japanese Ambassador’s Cup.


Frequently Asked Questions

Script Submission

1. Can I use my own scripts from previous years?
Yes. However, please note that scripts that have been presented in public may be disqualified.

2. Is there a word limit to the manuscript?
No, there is no word limit. However, please note that you only have 5 minutes (4 minutes for Secondary School Category) to make your speech, so it would be wise to limit yourself accordingly.

3. Does the topic have to be related to Japan?
No, it does not have to be related to Japan. However, please ensure that your script does not contain any offensive content as well as disclosure of others' personal details and information.

4. Can the title of the speech be in English?
In general, the title of your speech should be in Japanese.

5. Can I handwrite my script?
Soft copies are preferred, although you may do so if you are inclined. However, please note that this will not confer any additional advantages.

6. Can I change my script after I have submitted it?
You will have opportunities to edit and improve on your original script should you wish to between speech submission and actual speech delivery. However, please ensure that you have submitted your final version by the date of the rehearsal.

7. Do I have to submit an audio recording of my speech when applying?
Submission of an audio recording of your speech will only be required if you are shortlisted for the semi-finals.


Application & Eligibility

8. What category should I sign up for?
Please select your category based on your status on the date of the Finals of the Speech Contest. If you have just graduated from Junior College but will not be a university student by the date of the Finals, please apply for the Open Category.

9. I stayed in Japan for four years when I was about 1 year old. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes. As your stay in Japan was before primary school, it will not be included when considering your period of stay in Japan.

10. I am a foreigner holding a work pass in Singapore. Am I eligible to apply?
No. You must be a Singapore citizen, Singapore PR or student pass holder in Singapore to apply.

11. Only one of my parents is native Japanese. Am I eligible to apply?
No. Neither of your parent must be native for you to be eligible.


12. Is the tuition offered to finalists free?

13. What does the tuition entail?
Tutors will provide custom advice and help on improving your script and speech delivery.

If you have a query that is not listed above, please head over to our Enquiry page for instructions on how to submit an enquiry.



For any enquiries, please email us at jsc@jas.org.sg.
Please make sure to check our FAQ before sending an enquiry.

It may take up to 3 working days for your enquiry to be processed.


Contest Background

This contest aims to encourage Japanese language learners to strive for greater excellence as well as deepen understanding and relationships between Singapore and Japan.

It was initially developed by the Japanese Cultural Society in 1968 and only contained the Adult Category. The increase in popularity of studying Japanese as a 3rd language prompted the Japanese Association to organize a Students’ Eloquence Contest in 1955.

These 2 contests were then combined in 1996 to form the Japanese Speech Contest and the format has been retained to date.


Judging criteria


Applicants' scripts will be judged based on aspects such as, but not limited to:
• How interesting your content is
• Content organization
• Clarity of the message you are trying to convey
• Uniqueness


Semi-finalists' audio recordings will be judged based on above aspects as well as:
• Flow of speech
• Intonation
• Emphasis
• How much people would want to view the live performance of the speech


Finalists' live speeches will be judged based on above aspects as well as:
• Volume
• Impact
• Pace
• Timing
• Memorization of script

Excluded Topics

Content of script should exclude the following but not limited to:
• Religion
• Politics
• Race
• Violence and War
• Confidential information
• Personal details invading privacy
• Other offensive content

The Speech Contest Committee reserves the right to request participants to make necessary amendments to their script.