Family Restaurant Donguri

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Donguri is a family restaurant where you can casually enjoy with your family. 

We have a wide range of foods available for children, and we look forward to your visit! 


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JAS will commence the major renovation works from september 2024 and certain facilities will be closed during the period. We are pleased to  give out the F&B Voucher to be used at our restaurants before the commencement of renovation. This voucher is available from 1 April 2024 - 31 August 2024.

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Grand Menu

Reservations / Inquiries 

Table reservations are now available on weekdays.  Party of 20 pax or more can be accomodated.

Tel: 6467-3968 /
Open 11:00 – 21:00(Last Order 20:30) 

★ Private Room Charge 
Both Hyotan and Hozuki are $10 per room (2 hours). 

★ Corkage Fee 
Please refer to the description of the grand menu. 

★ Private Rooms
Hyotan and Hozuki Rooms - $10 (2 hours)

★ Take Away & Delivery Service

You can order from ONLINE ORDER on the upper right of the screen. 


1) Delivery fee of $15 (Mon - Fri) and $20 (Sat・Sun / PH) will be charged.

2) Delivery may take longer during peak hours.