【Notice】Pointers to note when using our Library Self-loan Station

25 Nov 2022



Dear Members,


Thank you for your continued support for JAS and our library.

We would like to highlight some pointers when you use our Library Self-loan Station.

Lately, there have been a few cases of books, which members never borrowed, being checked out in their account.  After investigating this issue, we have confirmed that this problem happens when a member leaves the Self-Loan Station before completely logged out from their account and the next borrower place their books on the Self-Loan Station. Please take note on the following pointers when using Self-Loan Station.

[Library Self-loan Station Pointers]

  1. 1. Do not leave the JAS member card on the scanner.

(You might not log out of your account immediately even when you press “EXIT” button if a member card is placed on the scanner for a prolonged time.)

  1. 2. Check your name that appears on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. 3. Make sure to press “EXIT” button on the screen to log out of your account after borrowing books.
  6. The borrowing transaction will automatically stop after a while (approx. 15 sec.) even when you did not exit from your account. However, when you leave the Self-loan Station before ending the transaction, the next borrower’s books might get scanned into your account.
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