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Approximately 71,000 items, including the latest publications , such as novels,
business books, travel guidebooks,magazines, newspapers, comics, picture books,
picture-story shows, and English books, are waiting for you.

Main library(2F)

We have a large number of Japanese books, magazines and newspapers. Approximately 30,000 adult books, 900  travel books, 800 magazine books, 7,300 comic books, etc.  

Contact Us  : Library TEL 6591-8140  

Opening Hours: Everday 10:00 - 19:00



Junior Library(1F)

Approximately 20,000 children's books, 650 picture-story shows, 4,600 comic books,  magazines, etc. However, comic books in the children's library on the 1st floor  cannot be rented.  

Contact Us  : Library TEL 6591-8141

Opening HoursEverday 10:00 - 19:00


Kids Corner (1F)


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Piyo Piyo House 

This room is opened for use by children aged 3 and below. 
The child must be accompanied by parent or a guardian at ALL TIMES.

About using the library

Number of books lent 

Up to 20 books can be used per household, including books in the adult library and  children's library.  

Rental place 

Adult's Library, children's library only. Manga in the comic room and some magazines are  not available for rent.  

Loan Period and Overdues

The loan period is 2 weeks (14 days). For new books (books/magazines), popular books and recommend books, each family can borrow up to 3 books. There will be a overdue charges of S$0.30 per book per day. In case that a book was overdue for more than 1 month, you must pay the compensation for a “lost book” regardless of the book status.
In addition, you must pay the compensation if a book was lost or considerably damaged.

Renewal of Loan

If you wish to renew the loans, please proceed to the counter for renewal.
Comics/Magazines/Books under reservations are not renewable. You can renew the loan of your borrowed books only one time. If you wish to reborrow the same book, you can do so after 1 month of waiting period.

Book reservation 

Up to 5 books can be reserved (excluding some books such as manga and  magazines).  Please fill out the reservation form installed at the library counter and submit it to the  library counter. Reservations cannot be made by email. When the book you booked  returns to the library, the library will contact the booked member by email (or phone). 

Accepting requests 

The library accepts requests for the arrival of books that are not in the library.  When requesting, please write your name, membership number, book name, author  name, ISBN number if you know, reason for recommendation, and send it to by email or set it up at the library counter. Please fill in the purchase  request form.  

However, depending on the content of the book, we may not be able to meet your  request. Please recommend a good book that can be read by many people. Please  refrain from personal use, books that are too specialized, or books that are too  expensive. In addition, the number of applications is limited to 5 books per  household per month, and books with the same title can be entered only once.  

Request from the library 

Books owned by the library belong to all members. Handle it carefully so that it will  not get dirty or damaged. It is prohibited to take the reading book out of the room. It  is your responsibility to keep the borrowed books and keep the return date. Thank  you for your cooperation.  

Mobile phones cannot be used indoors. Turn off the power or set the manner  mode. Also, please supervise your children so that they do not make noise or run  around.