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1st November, Wed









※Takeaway only
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※All prices are subject to GST.






























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   New Year Menu   
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  Private Room  




※Minimum order amount for Nanten Room for 4 pax will be changed with effect from 1 December 2023.  Lunch $200 ⇒ $160/Dinner $500 ⇒ $300


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     Terms & Conditions    
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  NEW Lunch Menu 


  Sushi・Sashimi Dinner Set  

Please make a reservation in advance for the dinner course.

Reservation & Inquiry 
Tel. 6591 7624 / WhatsApp 9056 0864
Web Reservation (Except Private Rooms) : Akane Web Reservation
Lunch  12:00 to 14:30 (Last Order 14:00)
Dinner 18:00 to 22:00 (Last Order  21:30)

★ Regular Holiday : Closed on Monday
 Open if Monday is a holiday and closed on the following Tuesday.

★ Reservation 
Reservations are accepted by telephone/WhatsApp and Akane's exclusive web reservation site. 
We ask for your cooperation in the following matters. 
1) Reservations by phone/WhatApp will be handled during business hours on business days. 
2) Reservations for private rooms are accepted only by phone. 
3) Reservations from Akane's exclusive web reservation site (other than private rooms) are always accepted. 
4) If you would like to order Chef Omakase Course ($248~), please make a reservatoin by phone/WhatsApp.
 Minimum Order Amount for Private Room (w/o GST)
Lunch: Tatami Room for 6 people $300 or more, Room for 8 people $200 or more, Room for 4 people $160 or more.                No min. chage for semi private room.
Dinner: Tatami Room for 6 people $600 or more, Room for 8 people $500 or more, Room for 4 people $300 or more.              No min. charge for semi private room.


 Corkage Fee  
Sake・Wine $20 / bottle Whisky・Shochu $30 / bottle
If you order the same size of alcohol at Akane, corkage charge will be waived. 
 Take Away and Delivery  
Akane also offers take-out and delivery services. 
You can order from ONLINE ORDER on the upper right of the screen. 
Note: 1) Orders Total Amount below $80 will be charged a delivery fee of $15 (Monday-Thursday) and $20 (Friday-Sunday / PH)
          2) Delivery may take longer during peak hours. 

★ Instagram 
We are introducing a variety of authentic Japanese cuisine that Akane offers on Instagram. Please take a look!