【Chingay Parade Committee】Chingay Parade 2023 Thank you for your great performance!

22 Nov 2022


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Chingay Parade 2023 "Most Outstanding Performance"Award




Chingay Parade Report 


Thank you for participating in the Chingay Parade 2023! The Japanese Association team's performance was absolutely fantastic! Thank you for the excitement!
We would also like to thank all the volunteers.
Please click and enjoy the link below to watch the video of the Chingay Parade (filmed on 4 Feb).

Chingay parade on 4 Feb 2023  (A sector)



Chingay parade on 4 Feb 2023  (B sector)



Chingay parade on 4 Feb 2023  (C sector)



Chingay parade on 4 Feb 2023  (D sector)



Chingay Parade official video page (Youtube)

Chingay Parade 2023: Embrace Tomorrow


around 1:37:05 (JAS  performance)


Chingay parade on 3 Feb 2023 
Video click

 (A sector)



Chingay parade on 3 Feb 2023 
Video click

 (C sector)



Chingay rehearsal on 2 Feb 2023 
Video click

 (A sector)



Chingay rehearsal on 14 Jan 2023 (NE Show)
Video click

(B sector_1)


(B sector_2)


(D sector)


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ーChingay Parade Committeeー

The application period has ended. Thank you for your participation.

Join us for the 51st Chingay Parade on 3 Feb (Fri) and 4 Feb (Sat), 2023.
The Chingay Parade Singapore is an event held in cerebration of Chinese New Year organized by the People’s Association. The Japanese Association, Singapore has been participating in the parade since 2003.
The theme of Chingay Parade 2023 is “Embrace Tomorrow”. We are currently choreographing our performance to represent Japanese culture in beautiful and fun way with originality and unity.
It will be a great opportunity to interact with Singaporeans and foreigners so please join us to create one of the memorable moments in Singapore with your friends and family.
Dance practice will start in November and performance will be on the event day in February. We can’t wait to share the irreplaceable feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction after the Parade with you. 

JAS members (primary 3 or older*), Local schools/organization that are related to JAS.
Must be fully vaccinated if you are 13 years old or older.
* Primary school children must be accompanied by a parent. The parents are fully responsible for their children. 
Please take note that the Rehearsals/Parades will end late at night.

BーFlag/ Big fan-bearers(Serves as positioning of a parade group.  Those who are physically fit and able to carry heavy objects) 

Application Period:27 Oct (Thu) ~10 Nov (Thu)

Number of ParticipantsA―approx. 100 pax, B―approx. 30 pax

A Dancers ikeda_hisae@jas.org.sg  Ikeda (Ms)
B Flag/Big fan-bearers yoko@jas.org.sg  Howe (Ms)


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※Please note that the meeting time at the F1 pit Rehearsals/Parades may be earlier than the time listed in the table above.


Past video

Chingay Parade video on 15 Feb (Fri) 2019

Chingay 2020 1st Feb   Parade 2 Sector B

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