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Q:is the NETS available?

Q:Where is the location of JAS clubhouse?
A:120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899
You can check out location on [Contact Us].

Q:Which bus can I take?
A:You can take bus no. 855, 852, 165, 157, 74 and 93.
 (alight at "Opp The Japanese Assn" or
  "Aft The Japanese Assn")

Q:Where Can I buy shuttle bus tickets?
A:You can purchase them at ISETAN scotts Customer service (4F)
  , JAS Clubshop (1F) or MEIDI-YA Customer service (B1)
  * You can purchase tickets at Front office when clubshop is closed.

Q:How can I check shuttle bus root and operating hours?
A:You can check them from [Shuttle Bus] page.

Q:Where can I get application forms?
A:You can download them from [Download] page.

Q:Where can I get car sticker application form?
A:You can download if from [Download] page.

Q:Where can I check membership privileges?
A:You can check from [Privileges] page.

Q:What's the relations between Japanese School in Singapore and JAS?
A:You should be a JAS member first then register your child(ren) for
the School as you need to fill in your JAS membership no. when you apply for Japanese school for your child(ren)

Q:Is there any loan of Kimono?

Q:I have something to sale.
A:You can use nformation board located at information centre (1F).
 (Period is 2 weeks, member only)

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