Frequent Asked Questions.

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1. How to be a member if my company is Corporate Member?
2. How to get temporary Membership card to register for Japanese School?
3. Can non-Japanese being a member and what are the benefit?
4. Is there any activities allow non-member to join?
5. Does your club provide interpretation sevices?

1. Complete application form for Membership with Deposit and photos and submit by post or by hand.
2. As soon as received your application form, temporary Card can be issued immediately either to collect at counter or send by post to you.
3. Yes, apply as Associate - Transferble Member and fullly utilise club facilities.
4. Yes, Japanese-Language class and Japanese Speaking Corner.
5. No, we do not provide this service.

Ordinary Membership

1. How to change my mailing address?
2. How to inform you that I do not have Fax machine?
3. How to apply membership for my family?
4. How to cancel membership and want to collect deposit by cash?
5. What to do if I have changed to another comapny?

1. We will fax you the form for updating.
2. We will post to you the form or you can write a letter with membership number, name and signature.
3. Download family application form, complete with signature and attached with 2 photos.
4. Come to JAS front office to complete notice of resignation form. for For deposit cash refund, Complete "GIRO" cancellation in advance if your bill deduction by GIRO every month.
5. Is your new comapny is Corporate member or not corporate? Please kindly call us for assistance.

Corporate Memership

1. Why is my corporate bill different from last month?
2. What is the benefit having a corporate card?
3. How to cancel Corporate Membership?
4. Any deposit refund when Cancelled Corporate Membership?
5. Any limit for corporate nominees application?
6. My company is corporate member, can I use the facilities?

1. Due to there are increase of nominees.
2. Corporate card use for F&B by showing Individual and corporate card for bill to be charged corporate S/A.
3. Will there be anymore Japanese Expatriate joining your company in future? If not, need to complete "corporate resignation form", Current existing member will also has to resgin as memver if they wish to cancel.
4. If company do not has any corporate card, no deposit to be refunded.
5. No, as long as your company is corporate member, by JAS rules, all expatriates have to apply for membership.
6. No, due to all outlet in JAS, bill to be charge by membership card.

Associate Membership

1. How to transfer my membership?
2. Can I apply for absent membership?
3. What to do if I want to early activation membership for absent before due date?
4. What if I want to go for absentagain?

1. If you are Asso-Transferble membership, need to complete "Notice of resignation" with transfer fee. The person who bought your membership need to submit "membership application" same time as you.
2. Yes, a lease 3 months absent period.
3. Come to JAS front office to proceed the early re-instate of membership and card will refurn to you.
4. You will have to apply for absent again.