Next course from July 2016
Registration from 1 June (Wed)

☎ 6591-8124 (Sheryl)

If you have missed the application period for this term and wish to join the next term, please leave your name and contact details in the form here and we will send you the new term details once they are ready. We hope to hear from you again!

All classes are conducted on The Japanese Association, Singapore's premises.
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Price Listing

General Course
All rounded course with reading, writing and speaking of the Japanese Language.
Recommended for people whose aim is to achieve a functioning level in the language. Suitable for those eventually planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Each level consists of 3 month long terms of 10 x 2.5h lessons.

Textbooks used are from the hugely popular Minna no Nihongo series. The textbooks may be supplemented with extra notes and materials where necessary.

Enjoy Japanese
Writing in Roman letters, useful Japanese for travel purposes (Reading signs, asking for directions, etc)
Details are subject to change.

Applications with no prior knowledge in Japanese language may only apply for Basic 1 or Enjoy Japanese 1.




Member (incl GST)

Non-Member (incl GST)

With textbook and materials

Without textbook

With textbook and materials

Without textbook
















Further Advance

Enjoy Japanese



All prices are inclusive of 7 % GST. (Except the textbooks)

Placement Test
If you have studied the Japanese Language before,
please register with us for a Placement Test to verify your entry level.

About the Placement Test
The placement test is conducted free of charge.
You may apply to take the test at any time of the year.
Please either email with your name, contact number and available timeslot or call
Ms Sheryl at 6591-8124 to arrange an appointment.
The test will take approximately 30-45 minutes.
Format: Multiple choice (MCQ)
There is no listening comprehension section.
The test involves a simple conversation with the teacher.
Things to bring: Pencil and eraser.