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Terms and conditions for the usage of stamp card

For every $12 (inclusive of GST) spent on a single receipt at the JAS Clubshop, customers will receive 1 stamp on the stamp card.
JAS will discount $6 (inclusive of GST) from any purchase at JAS Clubshop for every completed 10-stamp collection on the stamp card. (hereinafter refer to “ $6 Discount”)
3. The $6 Discount can be used only at JAS Clubshop.
4. Only the cash or JAS card payment portion of the receipt can be applied towards the stamp.
Customers must collect all 10 stamps on each card to be eligible for the $6 Discount.
Some items are excluded from the stamp card rewards program at JAS Clubshop.
JAS Shuttle bus ticket is excluded from the stamp card rewards program at JAS Clubshop.
Double benefit resulting from JAS card deduction together with this stamp card is not allowed
Upon redemption of $6 Discount, no change or cash will be returned.
The $6 Discount is not exchangeable for cash or any other type of vouchers.
Validity of the stamp card is 2 years from the date on the card.
JAS is granted all rights for any change or termination of the stamp card reward program and will notify members accordingly through the Southern Cross monthly newsletter. Changes will also be posted at JAS Clubshop.
  Amended in July 2017



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