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FAQ - Ordinary Membership -
Q:How can I apply for the membership?
A:Please fill in application form (can be download form [Download] page) and submit to Front Office together with Entrance fee and Card Deposit payment.
  * submission by e-mail or FAX is not acceptable.

Q:How if I can't find proposer or seconder to sign on application form?
A:Please write a letter attention to Secretary-General with reasons why you are unable to find proposer or seconder and seek his recommendations.
Q:How can I register my family as a family member?
A:Please fill in "Registration Form For Family Members"
 and submit it together with 2 photos.
  * submission by e-mail or Fax is not acceptable.

Q:How can I apply for GIRO?
A:Please fill in GIRO application form (can be downloaded from [Download] page)
and submit it to us.
  * application form must be original. By FAX is not acceptable.

Q:I have already apply for GIRO but still receive invoice.
A:You still have to pay by cash or cheque untill you receive GIRO approved letter from our Accounts dept.
 * GIRO application needs to take 2 to 4 weeks for approval.

Q:How can I change of my address / invoice / news letter mailing address?
A:Please fill in applicable form (can be download form [Download] page)
 and submit it by post or FAX.

Q:Can I request to send Membership application forms via mail to me?
A:Yes. Please inform us your preferred mailing address.

Q:How can I check clubhouse booking availabilities?
A:Please refer to [Contact Us] > [Facility Booking] page.

Q:How can I register / change of my car no.?
A:Please fill in applicable form (can be download from [Download] page)
  and submit to us by post or FAX.

Q:What should I do if I lost my membership card?
A:Please report to Front Office if you lost your membership card as soon as possible.
 You have to pay for card replacement fee($10+GST) and we will issue replacement card immediately.

Q:To whom should I report if there is a mistake in invoice?
A:Please contact to Accounts Department.

Q:What should I do if I change my company?
A:Please contact to Front Office.

Q:How can I invite my guest who are non member?

A:If your guest is not coming together with you, you are required to register guest name, Car No., date and time to front office in advance, or you may download "Guest car registration form" from [Download] page and fax to Front Office.

Q:What if my membership type need to change?(e.g. nominee to ordinary)
A:Please contact to Front Office.

Q:How to apply for resignation of membership?
A:Please complete the Resignation Form and GIRO Cancellation.You may download forms from our website.

Q:Can I receive refundable card deposit by cash?
A:If you wish to receive refundable card deposit by cash or cheque personally,
 Please come to Front Office during :
 Mon - Fri:9:00~17:00 / Sat:9:00~12:30
 * Refund on Sunday and Public Holidays are not applicable.

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