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Q:How Can I apply/resign Corporate membership?
A:Please contact to Front office.

Q:Is there any fee deffencence by no. of nominees?
A:Yes. Please refer to [Membership Fee] page.

Q:Is there any limit for no. of nominee?

Q:What is benefit for being Corporate member?
A:Nominee's enterance fee will be waived.

Q:Why this month's invoice is different from previous month?
A:No. of nominee had been changed.

Q:Is there any refundable deposit?
A:Deposit of $200 (per nominee).

Q:How can I apply if I am working in Corporate Member's related company?
A:Please contact to Front office.

Q:I am working in corporate member company, Can I use JAS Facilities?
A:If you are not a member of JAS, you are not able to use facilities.

Q:How Can I register / change campany car?
A:Please download form from [Download] page and submit to us by post or FAX.

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