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FAQ - Associate Membership
Q:How can I apply for Associate Membership?
A:Please refer to [Membership] page.

Q:How can I check membership fees?
A:Please refer to [Membership Fees] page.

Q:What is defference of Associate membership?
A:Membership is transfarble (transfer fee is needed to be paid)
No voting rights. There will be a interview.

Q:How can I transfer my membership?
A:You need to complete "notice of resignation" with transfer fee.
The person who bought your membership, need to submit
"membership applicaton" same time as you.

Q:Can I apply for absent membership?
A:Yes. At least 3 months absent period.

Q:How can I do if I want to activate my absent due date earlier?
A:Please contact to Front office.

Q:What if I want to go for absent again?
A:You will have to apply for absent again.


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