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Dear Members,

In compliance to the Phase 1 measures announce by government on 19th May 2020, we would like to we seek your kind attention as follows:

The library (adults and children) will be closed. (untill further notice *)

Books return BOX is available at the main entrance.All books due on or after 7 April 2020 will be extended until 1 month after the library reopen.
No overdue charges will be imposed during the period of 7 April - 1 month after the library re-open

Main Library / Junior Library / Kids Corner / Comic Room
Main Library (2F):6591-8140 / Junior Library (1F):6591-8141
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 9:00am~7:45pm / Sun / PH:10:00~7:45pm

Main Library(2F) / Junior Library(1F)
Wide range of Japanese Books (Dictionary, Magazines, Reference etc...
1 household can borrow up to 20 books. (please refer Notes.)

Kids Corner (1F)
Mon-Sat 9:00am~10:00pm, Sun / Public Holiday 10:00am~10:00pm

Piyo Piyo House
This room is opened for use by children aged 3 and below. The child must be accompanied by parent or a guardian at ALL TIMES.

Kiccori House
This play area is for children from 3 years to preschool age child. Please be mindful of your child's safety. Children should play under the supervision of parents.
There are wide varieties of Japanese Comics (Manga).
There is Junior Library, Play room and PC with CD-ROM game at Kids Corner.
Note : Comics at Comic rooms are reading at the room only.

Notes :

Borrowing Books:1 household up to 20 books (total no. from Main Library/Junior Library).
<Borrowing Counter>
Located at Main Library and Junior Library only. Comics from Comic Room and selected books are not for loan.
<Borrowing Period>
2 Weeks per time. fees will be charged if you exceed the period ($0.30/per book/per day).
If you lost or damaged books, fees will be charged.
(fees : cost for those or return us the same books in good condition)
<Extend Dorrowing Period>
If you wish to extend period, you may return the book at the counter first and then borrow the same book again.
Please take note that if there is a request for that book, you were not able to extend. no more than 3 times of extension.
<Reserve Books>
Members may reserve books by entering their names personally on the cards provided. When the reserved book becomes available, the member will be notified by phone or by email, and will be given three (3) days grace to collect the book. . If the member is unable to claim the reserved book within the grace period, they are to contact the library before the end of the three (3) days grace period.  Upon receiving such notice within the grace period, the library will evaluate if the situation is an inevitable one. Upon such confirmation, the grace period may be extended up to a maximum of seven (7) days including the original three days from notification. A reserved book must be claimed within the extended grace period, beyond which time the reservation will be cancelled.
<Request a Book>
We welcome book request. Please fill in your request to request form.
<From the Library >
Books belongs to Library is for our members. Please read / handle them with your care. Reference Books are not allow to bring outside of the Library.

Please be quiet at the Library・・・Please switch off / silent mode your mobile phoen at the Library. Please ask your child to be good manner at the Library.
<Donate a Book>
We welcome donation of secondhond books.
Collection Point:
1F Junior Library Counter
2F Main Library Counter
BF1 Box (located at main lift lobby

For enquiry
Please send to : <> with your your name, Membership number and contact no.


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