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The 27th Summer Festival was held on 23rd Aug (Sat) at the Japanese School (Changi). Participants started queuing up as early as 8 hours before the admission time. When the gate opened at 16:30, great anticipation and excitement filled the air as participants poured into the school and formed long queues at the food and game corners. This year, we saw participation from a large turnout of over 8000 people. Some 4000 Singaporeans including Japanese language learners from the Secondary schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics also had great fun at the Summer Festival.More Singaporean came to festival wearing their own yukata. The Yukata Wearing Corner was especially popular. Volunteers led by the Kimono Wearing Group helped approximately 540 people to wear yukata. Of these, 370 rented yukata, 150 brought their own, and the rest were children. Everyone was happy that they looked good in yukata. This year, about 500 volunteers including Recreational Committee members, Sports Committee members, Japanese schools teachers, students from the Polytechnics & the Universities lent their support for the event. We wish to thank all the volunteers for their great assistance!

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