Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just graduated from Junior College and am awaiting entry into a tertiary institution. Which category do I sign up for?
Please apply to the open category.

2. Do I have to submit an audio recording of my speech when applying?
Submission of an audio recording of your speech will only be required in the event that you are shortlisted for the semi-finals.

3. Can I use my own scripts from previous years?
Yes. However, please note that scripts that have been presented in public may be subjected to disqualification by the Committee

4. I am a foreigner holding a work permit/S pass/employment pass/student pass in Singapore. Am I eligible to enter the contest?
No. Only Singaporeans, PR and student pass holders may apply.

5. Is there a word/page limit to the manuscript?
No, there is no word/page limit. However, please note that you only have 5 minutes (4 minutes for Secondary School Category) to make your speech, so it would be wise to limit yourself accordingly.

6. Does the topic have to be related to Japan?
No, it does not have to be related to Japan. However, please ensure that your script does not contain any offensive content as well as disclosure of others' personal details and information.

7. Can the title of the speech be in English?
Yes, but please provide it in katakana.

8. Can I handwrite my script?
Soft copies are preferred, although you may do so if you are inclined. However, please note that this will not confer any additional advantages.

9. Is the tuition offered to finalists free?

10. What does the tuition entail?
Tutors will provide custom advice and help on improving your manuscript and speech delivery.

11. Can I change my script after I have submitted it?
You will have opportunities to edit and improve on your original script should you wish to between speech submission and actual speech delivery. However, please ensure that you have submitted your final version of the script for the preliminary round.

If you have a query that is not listed above, please head over to our enquiry page for instructions on how to submit an enquiry. Thank you!