Contest Format

The contest has 4 categories each with its prizes. The categories are:

  1. Secondary School
  2. Junior College
  3. Tertiary School
  4. Open (non-students who do not fit in any of the previous categories)

There are three phases to the contest: preliminary, semi-finals and finals.

In the preliminary round, participants are to submit an ORIGINAL manuscript on a topic of your choice.*

The manuscript should be equivalent to approximately 5 minutes duration in speech (4 minutes in the case of Secondary School category).

The contest judges will select a maximum of 20 semi-finalists from each category.
All semi-finalists are required to submit a recorded speech.
[Common digital audio file (mp3, wma, m4a) formats are accepted].

6 finalists from each category will be selected to enter the Finals. The finalists will present their manuscript at the Finals held at the Auditorium of the Japanese Association, Singapore (3F).

*In the event that a speech shortlisted for the final round includes content of a sensitive nature, the Speech Contest Committee reserves the right to request the finalist to make the necessary amendments to their speech.