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 The annual JAS Open House and Charity Bazaar / Draw was held on Saturday, 26 November. The event was graced by our Guest-of-Honor, Mr. Teo Ser Luck (Minister of State, Ministry of Manpower Mayor, North East District). It was also attended by many distinguished guests including Chargé d’Affaires ad interim Mr. Tsutsumi and Mrs. Tsutsumi and Mr. Sim Gim Guan, CEO of the National Council of Social Service, together with his wife. There was a large variety of booths and activities that livened up the Open House and made things exciting for all who attended. In addition to the usual activities such as Nomarin’s Picture Storytelling, the Karaoke Contest, Tea Ceremony, Origami, Igo, Shogi, Koto and Shamisen trial.
 The Oden fair, ice candy, cream puffs, cotton candy and many other delicious food were available to all guests. The traditional games and other events also heightened the atmosphere. Various interest groups also helped contribute to the charity pool through their various booths such as the sales of tree nuts by the Nature group, Origami workshop by the Origami group Tea Ceremony offered by the Tea Ceremony group and the Yukata wearing corner by the Kimono Wearing group. Along with the proceeds from the Charity Bazaar, a portion of profits from the Open House will be donated to charity. Donations to the Charity Bazaar this year included handmade craft from 61 companies and groups, 25 individuals; homemade confectionary, vouchers and new and recycled items donated though the Box of Hope placed on the 1st floor of the clubhouse. Over 6,000 items were donated to the Charity Bazaar for sale. 73 volunteers came to help out on the actual day, and with 968 customers, the Bazaar was a major success.
 For the Charity Draw, 1st ~ 10th prizes were announced at the Auditorium and 11th ~ 241st prizes were announced at the Sakura Room. Winners of the 3rd and 6th prizes were present in the Auditorium, inviting loud applause and cheer when their numbers were read. Also, for the first time, there was a special lucky draw for the audience where we gave away Japanese rice and eggs. Even among the strict conditions, the draw ceremony was held with much excitement.
 We would like to thank everyone all for your support for the JAS Open House and Charity Bazaar / Draw.

Thank you for many booths!

Ambient Lamp
American Dog
Ang Leong Huat Pte Ltd
Asanoya TC Pte Ltd
Beard Papa's (Muginoho Global Pte Ltd)

Delicia Pte Ltd
Food 10 Pte Ltd
Haru House
JF Kanda Wadatsumi (Sakanaya)
June's Balloon Craft
Kaiser Foods Pte Ltd
Livlon Pte Ltd
Midtown Mart (Bozz International)
Nichiryo Foods Pte Ltd
Okada Sweets Pte Ltd
OKS Co Ltd
Plusone Asia Pte Ltd
Popcorn and Candy Floss Pte Ltd
Rosen International Pte Ltd
SMBC Singapore Open
Stella Plus Pte Ltd
Sunstar Singapore Pte Ltd
TY Innovations Pte Ltd
X Bounds Asia Pte Ltd



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