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Summer Festival Open House Sports Festival Chingay

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Clay (Children)
Clay (Parent & Child)
Glue Deco®
Peranakan Beading Embroidery

Preserved Flower
Shadow Box

Kimono Wearing
Flower Arrangement (Ikenobo)
Omote Senke (Tea Ceremony)
The Art of Chinese Tea

Mandarin Course
Hello! Japanese

Conversational English
 (Some Changes)

Conversational English for Children

Programming and Design(Schedule has been changed)
Robot Programming NEW

Stretch <Order Form>
Hip Hop Dancing
Yang Style Taiji
Hawaian Hula
Taiji for Health (Zoken)
 (Schedule has been changed)

Ballet for Adults <Order Form>
Belly Dance
Core Yoga

Ballet for Children <Order Form>
Karatedo(Schedule has been changed)
Stretch for Men
Basic Yoga
Pelvic & Body Workout
Yoga Therapy for Women

Chinese Painting / Chinese Calligraphy
Botanical Art Painting

Violin Class for Adults
Sunday Violin Class for Adults
Violin Class for Children
Painting for Children
Painting for Adults
Calligraphy for Children

Traditional Italian Workshop
Spanish Mediterranean Cooking
Thai / Vietnamese Cooking
French Cooking
Singapore Local Cooking

Natto Class
Art Design SUSHI and Japanese Home Cooking
Art Design SUSHI (Parent & Child Workshop)(Additional Class)
Attractive Cooking for Four Seasons
Turkish Cuisine

Spice Surprise <Indian Cooking>
Spice Surprise (Parent and Child) <Indian Cooking>
Japanese Style Bread(Additional Class)

Children's Talents Development Workshop

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