Apllication & Payment
Payment can be made through member's account (to be billed at the end of the month)
No refunds would be entertained within 7 days from the start of the course. Application by telephone of fax are not acceptable.
Class may be cancelled in case of less than minimum number of applicants.
Countinuing stundents will be given priority before the closing date of continuing application. After which, all applications will be treated equally.

*Please do not bring along your children to the class.

Friquent Asked Questions
Q: Can I book a reservaton for classes?
A:No, First-come-first-served basis.

Q:Who are eligible?
A:Member of Japanese Association. Non-member and visiting family is not accepted.

Q:How can I cancel the class?
A:Fill in cancellation form at Front office or
    Send form via FAX.
  *Please contact to Front office if you would like to cancell class via FAX.

Q:How can I apply for class?
A:Please fill in application form in Southern Cross or download form from the website
and send via post of submit it in person at front office.
 *Application through Telephone of FAX not accepted.

Q:Can I apply on belahf of applicant?
A:Yes, as long as signature has been signed by applicant.
  *Fist day of Application date is not acceptable to do so.

Q:How can I pay class fee?
A:You can pay by membership of cheque.

Q:Can I pay course fee by credit card?

Q:I would like to know application status.
A:Please contact to Front office.

Q:My age is not eligible to apply for the class. Can I still apply for class?
A:Please contact to Front office.

Q:Can I apply for the class which already started.
A:You may able to. Please contact to Front office for more details.

Q:How can I check whether class is on?
A:Please contact to Front office.

Q:I am on the waiting list. Can I still attend to the class?
A:After all application is due, staff will contact to you to infrom.

Q:Can I bring my child(ren) along to the class?
A:No.(It will be mentioned if you can)

Q:Should I submit absent form?
A:You no need to submit other than ballet class
  (Please submit absent form before your class start if you will absent ballet.)

Q:Is it refoundable if I cancell class which already started.