チンゲイパレード2020 参加者募集!
Let's Join Chingay Parade 2020 Together!
-チンゲイパレード実行委員会 -

 チンゲイパレード2020のテーマは『Colours in Harmony』です。日本人会では、来年も日本文化をオリジナリティと統一感をもって美しく楽しく表現していこうと企画中です。
Join us in the Chingay Parade next year on 31 Jan & 1 Feb 2020! The Chingay Parade in Singapore is organised by the People’s Association (PA) to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It is one of Asia’s largest events, with over 50 local and international groups participating in the parade. The Japanese Association has been participating since 2003 and next year will be our 18th year of participation.
The theme for next year’s Chingay Parade is “Colours in Harmony”. The Japanese Association will be presenting the Japanese culture with originality and a sense of unity in an elegant and fun manner for next year’s parade.
This is a great opportunity for you to interact with both locals and foreigners at one of Singapore’s largest event. Do join us with your friends and family to create a wonderful memory participating in the Parade. The sense of accomplishment from performing after long hours of practice, that will span from middle of Oct to Jan next year, is definitely satisfying.
We look forward to your participation!
•JAS Member (Primary 3* and above), local schools and groups who have collaborated with JAS previously, and local groups who have contributed to the interaction between Japan and Singapore.
*Parents are required to join as well for children in Primary school.
•Kindly note that the Parade as well as rehearsals will end late. Please take this into consideration before applying.
•Applicant must be able to participate on both days of the parade, all full-dress rehearsals, briefings and dance rehearsals.
•Applicant must be physically fit with good stamina.
How to apply


申込用紙 (①申込用紙) Chingay Parade Application Form 2020

(②バックグラウンドスクリーニング) Background Screening
In the case of individuals,you will be formed into groups. Group representative is requested to compile and send the application forms to chingay@jas.org.sg. Only applications using the official application forms will be accepted.
In the case of elementary school 3rd grade or 4th grade participation, submit a written oath.
Application form Chingay Parade Application Form 2020

Background Screening
Application period
1Aug (Thur) to 10 Sep (Tue) 2019
 大人・子ども合わせて約300名 ※応募多数の場合は抽選とさせて頂きます。
Approx.300(including children and adults)
*In the case that there are too many applicants, participants will be chosen by drawing lots.

1.結団式 1月11日(土) 
  1月11日(土) 20:00~22:00
  1月18日(土) 19:15~21:15
  1月30日(木) 20:00~22:00
3.本番パレード1  1月31日(金) 20:00~22:00
4.本番パレード2  2月1日(土) 20:00~22:00
練習日日程/ Practice Schedule >> we will update.
1. Combined Rehearsal: 11 Jan (Sat)
2. Full-dress Rehearsal:
  11 Jan (Sat) 20:00~22:00
  18 Jan (Sat) 19:15~21:15
  30 Jan (Thu) 20:00~22:00
3. Chingay Parade 1:   31 Jan (Fri) 20:00~22:00
4. Chingay Parade 2:     1 Feb (Sat) 20:00~22:00

To note
Practice schedule is subject to changes.
F1 PITでは、参加者以外の同伴は出来ません。
Only performers are allowed in the F1 Pit.
F1 PITとフルドレスリハーサル、本番は夜遅くまで練習があります。Practices at F1 Pit and Full Dress Rehearsals will end at night.
Full attendance of practice is required of performers. Under unforeseen circumstances should performers be unable to attend the practice, they are required to submit a practice video.
As the parade course this year is longer than last year, we wish to have performers who are confident in their stamina.
Registration will be closed upon reaching sufficient performers.
Application & Enquiry
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