For Associate Members : Niigata, Japan Tour

The Singapore-Niigata Prefecture Group will be organising a Niigata Tour in Japan this November. This is a good opportunity to explore a new region in Japan! The itinerary is lined up with exciting activities such as a wine tour, geisha entertainment, sushi-making experience and more!

*Tour will be held mainly in English
Tour Date: 5 Nov (Tue) – 9 Nov (Sat) 2019
Attendees: 15 from JAS (total participation estimated at 35)
Time: 5 Nov 2019 (Tue), 1PM
Venue: Niigata Station South Exit (at the bus stop for chartered bus)

Cost: JPY160,000/person (estimate)
Items included in cost:
• Chartered bus rental
• Sado Steamship Return Trip Fare
• Meals (4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners)
• Accommodation is 2 pax to 1 room. For single (1 pax to 1 room), an additional JPY14,000 will be incurred (JPY3,500/night).
• Entrance fees/Experience activities fees
• Tour guide
Items not included in cost:
• Fees incurred for activities outside of itinerary
• Personal costs (phone calls, cleaning fees, additional meals, etc.)
• Medicals costs incurred from injury and illness
• Overseas insurance
Important: Assembly and dispersal will be at Niigata station. The cost of return flight to Japan and transport to and fro Niigata are to be covered by the participant and are not included in the cost mentioned above.

Those interested, please email Fiona Lim (Ms) at by 25 July 2019.
This is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please contact us early to avoid disappointment

• Niigata Wine Coast
The Niigata Wine Coast surrounded by the sea and sand. One of the newest wine regions boasting 5 unique wineries. Great wines are produced one after another from the unique soil in this area.
The pictures show the wine-production process at the Zio Setto Winery and wine-tasting with complementing snacks.

• Takayama Sake Brewery
Takayama Sake Brewery is known as the backyard of Niigata, and is a small sake brewery founded in 1887 as a local sake for Iwamuro Onsen.
• Light-up of Yahiko Park's Momiji-Dani
Yahiko is most beautiful from late-October to mid-November.
The scarlet moon-viewing bridge, red autumn leaves and moon in the night sky creates a fantastic atmosphere different from the day.
• Iwamuroya / Hachimitsu Kusano
Freshen up your morning with a footbath. Keep healthy warming up from your feet!
After that, have some royal jelly! A good morning indeed.
• Northern Culture Museum
The Northern Culture Museum conveys the history and culture as it was during its time of the 7th generation of the Ito family, a wealthy landlord from Echigo Province.
Experience the three-man mochi-pounding by the Ito family carried out from the Meiji Era.
• Niigata Saitou Villa
A garden using sand dune topography, an open building said to be a masterpiece of modern Japanese architecture, it is a cultural heritage that tells of the prosperity of the port and commercial city Niigata during the Taisho era. Be entertained here by the geisha and the games hosted by geisha.
• Sushi-Making Experience
Learn the history of sushi and how to make them from professional sushi chef. Now you, too, can learn the art of sushi-making.
• Auction at Fishing Port
Even local Japanese seldom get to see an auction in action. Seeing how men compete for the best fish is definitely an unforgettable experience.
• Zazen
Experience Zazen while enjoying the scenery of Niigata from the 16th floor of a high-rise building, NEXT 21. With good weather, you can further enjoy the mystical atmosphere.
The Zazen will be led by a preaching of a monk of the Soto Sect. Stimulate your five senses in the morning with the “Morning Zazen and Morning Kayuzen Set” for breakfast. No doubt it will refresh both your body and mind.
• Hokusetsu Sake Brewery Visit
Choice sake from Sado and Niigata. Loved even by Robert De Niro! Don’t be surprised: they let their sake listen to classical music. That’s the secret!
• Sado Green Hotel Kiraku French meal & Entertainment
• Sweet potato baking experience (Tentative)
• Have a taste of the Sado Koshihikari cultivated by a method that does not harm the Toki birds
• Seisuiji: A temple with more than 1200 years of history in Sado
To know Seisuiji is to know Sado and Japan.
• Yajima Island (Tarai-bune/Tub-boat Experience)
• Shukunegi
This settlement was developed as a port of call for the Kitamaebune on the Ogi coast through the 17th century during the flourishment of the Sado Mine. Even now, the maze-like alleys are still crowded with over 100 traditional houses with board walls. Shukunegi gathers the technology of shipwrights and plays an important role in the preservation of traditional architecture in Japan.
• Sado Island Taiko Centre (Drum experience)
Experience drum-beating while being surrounded by the magnificent nature of Sado.
• Sado Oosaki Soba no Kai
Sado's food event. Enjoy traditional arts while eating regional specialties such as Oosaki soba and nishime. A fun-filled time that satisfies both the heart and the stomach.
• Nishimikawa Gold Park (Gold-dust harvest experience)
Experience-based museum built on the site of Nishimikawa Gold Mine, said to be the oldest in Sado.
• Oni-daiko @ Sado Green Hotel Kiraku
The representative traditional performing arts of Sado. Oni-daiko is a long-standing art form in Sado performed to ward off demons and pray for a bountiful year. Enjoy it at the banquet room of the hotel.

*Images are for illustrative purposes only.