Course Calendar From April - June 2015

The General Course is aimed at those who wish to learn the Japanese language comprehensively. It focuses on written language skills as well as conversational skills, and is ideal for those planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) exams eventually. The following table provides a rough gauge of the JLPT level the students should be able to sit for upon completing various levels in the General Course.

Each level consists of 3month long terms of 10 x 2.5h lessons.

Textbooks used in our Basic though Further-Advanced levels are from the hugely popular Minna no Nihongo series. Basic 1 to 6 for both the General & Conversational courses cover exactly the same material, with & without written language focus respectively. The textbooks may be supplemented with extra notes and materials where necessary.
The Enjoy Course is a purely conversational course. Students will be taught to speak and make simple conversation using Romanized Japanese. It is ideal for those who wish to learn Japanese solely for travel or for basic conversation with Japanese friends.