Q & A

1 Q:次のクラスはいつから始まりますか。いつ終わりますか。
 When will next class start and end?

Japanese Association holds classes 4 times a year.
2 Q:どうしてBasic-1はA,B & Cと3つあるのですか。内容は同じですか。
 Why are there three classes Basic-1 A, B & C? Are the syllabus the same?

 Yes, they are the same syllabus. Please choose the preferred day.

Q:”Basic-1”と”Enjoy Japanese” は どう違いますか。
What is the difference between “Basic-1” and “Enjoy Japanese”?

A:Basic-1はひらがな、文法の勉強をします。Enjoy Japaneseは日本観光のためのクラスでひらがなと文法の勉強はしません。ローマ字で勉強します。
In Basic-1, we teach grammar, Hiragana and Katakana. In Enjoy Japanese, we use roman letter to teach for travelling purposes. We do not teach grammar, Hiragana and Katakana in Enjoy Japanese course.

4 Q:クラスは何回ありますか。1回のレッスンは何時間ですか。
 How many lessons are there for the class? How long is each class?

 It is ten times. One lesson is two hours 30 minutes.
5 Q:MemberとNon-Memberとレッスン料が違いますか。
 Is there any difference in lesson charges between Member and Non-Member?

A:はい、違います。<"Schedule & Fees"でご確認ください>
 Yes, charges are different. <Please refer to "Schedule & Fees">
6 Q:日本語の詳細を知りたいのですが、Webはありますか。
 I would like to know more details about the Japanese class. Is it stated on the Web?

 Yes, it is. <Please refer to "Basic" "Intermediate" "Advance"....>
7 Q:授業では、どんな本を使っていますか。その本はどのくらい使いますか。
 In the class, what kind of book do they use? How long will the books be used?

 The Book title is "Minna no Nihongo".<Please refer to "Basic" "Intermediate" "Advance"....>
8 Q:日本人会はどこにありますか。
 Where is The Japanese Association located?

 It is at Adam road. < Map >

Q:申し込みは、どこで できますか。
Where should I apply?

A:日本人会の受付(1F)で できます。
You can apply personally with the required documents (see question 12) at Japanese Association Front desk (1F).

10 Q:申込用紙はダウンロードできますか。
 Can I download the application Form?

 Yes, you can. <Please refer "Japanese Language Course">

 Can I submit my application form by post?

 Yes, you can. Please send your application form with the necessary documents. (see Question 12) to the following address:
Attn: Hello! Nihongo Application
General Office 2F
The Japanese Association, Singapore
120 Adam Road Singapore 289899

12 Q:申込に必要な物はなんですか。
What are the necessary items for an application?

The items are: application form, a photograph for a student pass, cheque addressed to " The Japanese Association, Singapore " and photocopy of the identity card (IC).
Students are required to be of at least 15 years of age and above, unless accompanied by a (also paying) parent/ older sibling.
13 Q:カードか現金で払えますか。
 Can I pay by card or cash?

A: お支払いは現金、NETS、小切手となります。 (クレジットカードは使えません。)
 You can pay by cash, NETS or cheque (Credit cards are not accepted).

Q:法人会員(Corporate Member)の人はどうやって支払えばいいですか。
How do Corporate Members make payment?

Please contact by e-mail.   nihongocourse@jas.org.sg


 May I know the opening hours at Japanese Association?

 It is from 9:00am. to 9:00pm.


Q:クラスが開講されたかどうか どうやってわかりますか。
How do I know if there are enough students to start a class?

A:クラスが成立したらメールでConfirmation Letterを 送ります。
We will send you a Confirmation Letter by e-mail.


Q:もし、クラスが開講されない場合、お支払いしたお金は どうやって返金されますか。
How do I get a refund if the class is cancelled?

A:e-mailか電話にて、返金方法を ご相談させて頂きます。
We will contact you to arrange for a refund.

18 Q:プレスメントテストを受けたいのですが、どうしたら いいですか。いくらですか。
I want to take a placement test, what should I do? How much is it?

 You have to come to The Japanese Association to take a test. Please contact by e-mail. Ms Fiona < nihongocourse@jas.org.sg >
The test is free of charge.< Please refer "Placement Test">
19 Q:日本語能力試験(JLPT)を受けたいのですが、どのくらい勉強したら 受けられますか。
I would like to take Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), how long do I need to study before I could take JLPT?

A:Basic 1~8まで受けると N5 の受験が できます。日本人会で、24か月勉強すれば受けられます。
If you would like to take JLPT N5, You need to study for 24 months (Basic 1-Basic 8).
20 Q:JLPTは1年に何回ありますか。
How many JLPT tests are held in a year?

Twice a year. On the first Sunday of July and December.
21 Q:JLPTの申込は 日本人会で 行っていますか。
Can I send my JLPT application form to JAS?

A:いいえ。Japanese Cultural Society (JCS) に申し込みます。
No. Please send the JLPT application form to Japanese Cultural Society (JCS). < https://www.jcss.org.sg >
22 Q:Skills Future Creditはありますか。
Do you have Skills Future Credit?

We do not have Skills Future Credit.

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