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How about the finest Blowfish (Fugu) Kaiseki to warm both your body and soul?

  One of Akane’s traditional One-night only Kaiseki. This time we bring to you the long-awaited blowfish! Despite strict import regulations, we have passed all stringent checks so do rest assure we only use the safest ingredients for your enjoyment.

  Fugu is also called "welfare" and has been known to be popular as an experimental fish that brings "blessing" from a long time ago. Cooking a blowfish requires intricate knife handling skills. A national examination is also mandatory in Japan.

  It is only with the supervision of Chef Goto who is certified with this skill, that we are able to bring to you this special Fugu Kaiseki. Another highlight is the collaboration with active patissiers in Singapore. Please enjoy the desserts made by these skilled artisans.

  For appetizer, we have Shogoin turnip in sweet arrowroot sauce, finely grated and flavoured with Yoshino arrowroot. A dish that gently warms the body. Then, shredded boiled Japanese spiny lobster, and you can’t miss the fresh oyster from Japan that is allowed to import
  For sashimi, we have thinly sliced tiger blowfish wrapped and served with chives.
Next for grilled dish, we have the bony parts of the Fugu. Using high-grade charcoal, the chef grills it in front of you with the Hida cooker. Enjoy this exquisite grilling experience.

  Before the hotpot, deep-fried Fugu is served. The secret ingredient is Japanese pepper that promises to delight your palates. This goes well with the vegetable dishes. For main dish, we have blowfish hotpot served with a variety of vegetables. Next, we have an exceptional porridge dish cooked with rice and vegetables in a beautifully concentrated Fugu flavour.

  Lastly, we conclude our Patissier collaboration with a dish of rich vegetable mousse.
  On 22 February (Friday) for one night only. Come and enjoy a full course of the finest blowfish right here in Singapore. Limited to 20 persons only. Make your reservations early!

The Finest Blowfish Kaiseki
Appetizer:Shogoin Turnip in Sweet Arrowroot Sauce/Japanese Lobster/
Fresh Oyster from Mie-Prefecture /Medium-sized Gizzard Shad in Spicy Miso/
Noshiume (A thin solid jelly consisting of sweet plum jam /Vegetable Flower
Sashimi: Thinly sliced Tiger Blowfish
     Grilled:Grilled Blowfish Bony Parts in high-grade charcoal
Deep-fried:Blowfish and Vegetable Tempura
Hotpot:Blowfish Hot Pot
Rice:Blowfish Porridge
Sweets:Patissier Collaboration「Rich Vegetable Mousse」

22 February (Friday) Dinner only

Number of pax
Limited to 20 persons only

One person $288+GST

Reservations & Cancellations
 For reservations, please call Akane(TEL 6591-7624)
 Reservations and cancellations accepted until 17 February (Monday)
 Cancellations after 17 February are not allowed.

Promotion for February
Semi-private rooms
The restaurant features two rooms that can cater to 4 ~ 9 pax.

Tempura Course and Omakase
Course are available. (Reservation needed)

Counter seat tempura course

Lunch $42 / $68 
Dinner $88 / $128
Featuring seasonal cuisine in utensils inspire by nature, Akane seeks to redefine your Japanese fine dining experience with specially crafted dishes by our experienced chef. From a luxurious Tempura course at the counter, to enjoying a dinner experience with your family or lunch with friends, we aim to cater to all of your dining needs.
All of Akane’s staff awaits your patronage to the restaurant.

Open: Daily
Lunch 11:30~14:30 (Last order 14:00)
Dinner 18:00~22:30 (Last order 22:00)
Enquiry / Reservation : 6591-7624 (Direct Line)
Email: akane@jas.org.sg

Detailed Regulations regarding reservations at Formal Restaurant, Akane

*In accordance with the Association’s rules, children aged below 12 years old will only be awarded entry
on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
*In the event of reservation cancellations, please inform us at least 1 day in advance.
(We will be charged for course menu cancellation on actual day.)
*All prices above are before GST.

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